Indian national session programme

June 8th 2023, 8:00 - 11:00



  1. Setting up robotics- Anupama Rajanbabu (15 mins)
  2. How to turn it around- Experience of a decade- Rooma Sinha (10 mins)

Discussion- 5 mins


Session -1 (15mins x5= 75mins)

  1. Robotic approach to complex ovarian masses- Rama Joshi
  2. Robotic surgery for cancer cervix- What is the evidence today? Rohit Ranade
  3. Approach to paraaortic node dissection by Robot- Arunava Roy
  4. Robotic assisted groin node dissection- Yogesh Kulkarni
  5. Robotics & controversies in endometrial cancer- Mala Srivastava

Discussion-10 mins


Session 2 (15x 4= 60mins)

  1. Uterosacral nodule Excision- The Robotic techniques- Rooma Sinha
  2. Bladder Endometriosis- Anupama Bahadur
  3. Robotic & Endometriosis excision surgery- Anshumala Shukla Kulkarni
  4. Robotic Dermoid cystectomy-Comparison to laparoscopy- Swapna Misra


Discussion-10 mins



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