Pre-congress Course

IMPORTANT: Watch this video before attending the course!

We would like to inform you that the registration forms for the Pre-congress courses and the certification exams are now open.


The conference programme will include SERGS certification exams for robotic console surgeons (Level 1) for all 3 specialties (gynecologists, urologists, general surgeons).


Monday, June 3:  3,5 hours on a simulator, course runs from 9am - 5pm. The course goes on all day with time on an off the simulator.

Tuesday, June 4:  3,5 hours on a simulator, course runs from  9am-5pm. The course goes on all day with time on and off the simulator.

Wednesday, June 5:

9.00-10.00 am: written certification exams

10.00-12.30: 1 extra hour of training for all participants for Monday and Tuesday courses

12.30-15.00: certification exams on the simulators


The exams will be held on the June 5 and depending on number of candidates also on the 6th of June, 2024 at the venue of the conference.

More information about the exam can be found here on the SERGS website.


List of exercises to work on prior to attending the test are:

  • Roller coaster level 1
  • Tower transfer level 1
  • Peg transfer level 2
  • 4th arm cutting
  • Railroad track
  • Knot Tying
  • Puzzle piece dissection


Registration fees: 

June 3 and June 4 = 300 Euro /day (it is not possible to attend on both days as we try to provide the opportunity to train to more people)

June 5 & 6 = 150 Euro for the exam


PRE-CONGRESS COURSE REGISTRATION: To register to the pre-congress course you need to create an account in the registration system below and select pre-congress course in the next step.


is now open. Register today!


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