Preliminary Scientific Programme

Thursday, June 6, 2024
8:00-8:30 Registration
8:30-9:45 Spanish Session - parallel More details
8:30-9:30 Turkish Session - parallel  More details
10:00-11:30 Live surgery TBC Chairs: Pluvio Coronado (Spain), Manuel Barahona (Spain), Simone Bruni (Italy)
11:30-11:45 Welcome: Pluvio Coronado/Vanna Zanagnolo/ TBC
11:45-12:45 Academic session 5: ESGO/ESGE/SERGS Presidents session Chairs: Thomas Ind (UK), Pluvio Coronado (Spain)
11:45-12:00 SERGS Talk Vanna Zanagnolo (Italy)
12:00-12:15 ESGE talk Benoit Rabischong (France)
12:15-12:30 ESGO talk Anna Fagotti (Italy)
12:30-12:45 Discussion
11:45-13:45 Indian national session - parallel More details
12:45-13:45 German national session - parallel More details
12:45-13:45 Selected Video / Oral Presentations  Chairs: Sergi Fernandez (Spain), Henrik Falconer (Sweden)
12:45-12:52 Robotic Surgery and Perioperative Morbidity in elderly Women (≥80 years old) with intermediate and high-risk endometrial cancer Eva Myriokefalitaki (UK)
12:52-12:59 The UK’s first emergency robotic gynaecology service – 6 cases of robotic management pelvic sepsis Amer Raza (UK)
12:59-13:06 Survival Impact of the robotic-assisted laparoscopy (RAL) vs conventional laparoscopy (LPS) in the treatment of the Endometrial Cancer. Vanesa Delso (Spain)
13:06-13:13 ROBESITY Study: Comparative Analysis of Robotic Surgery and Other Approaches in Endometrial Cancer Patients with Obesity - A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Manuel Sánchez-Prieto (Spain)
13:13-13:20 Cervical re-injection of indocyanine green to improve sentinel lymph node detection in severely obese endometrial cancer patients Martina Podda (Italy)
13:20-13:27 Robotic versus laparoscopic apporach in the pelvic and paraaortic lymphadenectomy in endometrial and ovarian cancer staging Ignacio Cristóbal Quevedo (Spain)
13:27-13:34 Comparison of usage of bipolar device and Vessel Sealer in completed pelvic lymphadenectomy assisted by the da Vinci X robot Magdalena Bizon (Poland)
13:34-13:41 Robotic surgical staging for early-stage ovarian cancer: a ten-year follow up Fiorenza Guida (Italy)
13:34-13:45 Discussion
13:45-14:45 Lunch
14:15-15:15 Italian session - parallel More details
14:45-15:15 Industry sponsored symposium More details
15:15-16:15 Academic Session 1: Educational videos Chairs: Christos Iavazzo (Greece), Ignacio Cristóbal (Spain)
15:15-15:30 Anatomy of pelvic spaces and nerves Mete Gungor  (Turkey)
15:30-15:45 Paraaortic spaces Alberto Munoz (Spain)
15:45-16:00 How to avoid contamination during gyne-onco surgery Carlo Alboni (Italy)
16:00-16:15 Discussion
16:15-17:15 Academic Session 2: New challenges Chairs: Antonio Torres (Spain), Antonio Gil (Spain)
16:15-16:30 How to manage ovarian relapses: Para-aortic and much more Jordi Ponce (Spain)
16:30-16:45 How can we make robotic surgery sustainable Frank Willem Jansen (The Netherlands)
16:45-17:00 Groin lymphadenectomy, possible by robotics? Arunava Roy (India)
17:00-17:15 Discussion
17:15-17:45 Coffee break
17:45-18:45 Face-to-face with robotic experts (interactive discussion among speakers about the topic with some slides, but far from a conventional talk) Chair: Thomas Ind (UK), Thomas Hebert (France)
Do robotics make me dare more than LPS? Tommaso Simoncini (Italy)
Sentinel node vs mesometrial resection Rainer Kimmig (Germany)
Uterus transplantation Pernilla Dahm Kähler (Sweden)
18:45-19:45 Selected Video / Oral Presentations 1 Chairs: Santiago Domingo (Spain), Berta Diaz (Spain)
18:45-18:52 Innovation in vNOTES: transvaginal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingectomy using a flexible robotic system Ricardo Oliva (Italy)
18:52-18:59 Robotic Davydovs' Procedure for neovagina creation in a case of MRKH syndrome Urmila Apollo (India)
18:59-19:06 Robotic modified resection of the ileum due to endometriosis - step by step technique Martin Heubner (Switzerland)
19:06-19:13 Robotic repair of uterine dehiscence in second trimester of pregnancy Sara Macaluso (Italy)
19:13-19:20 Technique of robotic-assisted sacrocolpopexy using autologous rectus fascia graft (SCARF) Felix Chan (Australia)
19:20-19:27 Robotic modified resection of the ileum due to endometriosis - step by step technique Joanna Bubak (Poland)
19:27-19:34 Robotic-assisted laparoscopic repair of isthmoceles: The feasibility of operative treatment and in which population Sa'ed Almasarweh (Germany)
19:34-19:41 Validation study (ApolloIntra) to report intraoperative complications in Minimally Invasive Benign Gynecological procedures (Robotic and Laparoscopic) Rooma Sinha (India)
19:41-19:45 Discussion
19:45-21:30 Welcome reception
Friday, June 7, 2024
7:50-8:30 Mindfullness session: Healthy mind, Healthy life Marcia Reyes Vázquez. Wellness Coach
8:30-09:30 Academic session 3: New robotic perspectives and innovations Chairs: Joan Gilabert (Spain), Thomas Hebert (France), Martin Heubner (Switzerland)
8:30-8:45 Artificial intelligence in robotics Julio Mayol (Spain)
8:45-9:00 Real time augumented reality Eleni Karatrasoglou (Greece)
9:00-9:15 The application of metaverse and automatization in robotic surgery Vasiliki Hatzirafail (Greece)
9:15-9:30 Discussion
9:30-11:30 Live surgeries: Chair: Vito Cela (Italy), Martin Heubner (Switzerland)
Surgery from EEL transmission (endometriosis): Horace Roman from Bordeaux (10-11:30) Horace Roman (France)
Live surgery: Endometrial cancer Jordi Ponce and Marc Barahona (Spain)
11:30-12:30 Academic session 4: How to overcome issues? Chairs: Marielle Nobbenhuis (UK), Simone Bruni (Italy)
11:30-11:45 How to deal without uterine manipulator Sergi Fernandez (Spain)
11:45-12:00 Big uterus Juan Pablo Estevez (France)
12:00-12:15 Intra-abdominal challenges: do’s and don’ts Philippe Van Trappen (Belgium)
12:15-12:30 Discussion
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:00 Key note session: becoming a robotic surgeon Javier Magrina (USA)
14:00-14:30 Industry-sponsored Symposium 
14:30-15:30 Academic Session 5: Progress in Benign Robotic Surgery Chairs: Martin Heubner (Switzerland), Esther Velasco (Spain)
14:30-14:45 Robotics in fibroids Rooma Sinha (India)
14:45-15:00 Robotics in endometriosis Vito Cela (Italy)
15:00-15:15 Robotics in colposacropexy vs pectopexy Dimitrios Bolovis (Germany)
15:15-15:30 Discussion
15:30-16:00 Industry sponsored symposium
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30-17:30 Academic Session 6:  Progress in Malignant Robotic Surgery Chair: Angelo Maggioni (Italy), Ignacio Zapardiel (Spain)
16:30-16:45 How to deal with endometrial cancer robotically Fabinshy Thangarajah (Germany)
16:45-17:00 How to deal with cervical cancer robotically Henrik Falconer (Sweden)
17:00-17:15 How to deal with ovarian cancer robotically Marielle Nobbenhuis (UK)
17:15-17:30 Discussion
17:30-18:30 Selected Video / Oral Communications Chairs:  Christos Iavazzo (Greece); Alberto Tejerizo (Spain)
17:30-17:37 Robotic-assisted saphenous sparing video endoscopic inguinal lymph node dissection (R-VEIL) for carcinoma vulva: How we do it Vandana Jain (India)
17:37-17:44 Robotic gynaecologic surgery with The Dexter Robotic System: A prospective multi-centric study Sara Imboden (Switzerland)
17:44-17:51 Robotic infrarenal para-aoortic nodal dissection for endometrial cancer recurrence Gabriella Yongue (UK)
17:51-17:58 Cytoreduction and partial cystectomy in advanced endometrial cancer performed by Robotic assisted surgery Juan Carlos Torrejon (Spain)
17:58-10:05 Pelvic anterior exenteration for cervical cancer recurrence by robotic approach Marc Zarzoso (Spain)
17:05-18:12 Robot interval cytoreduction after neoadjuvant chemotherapy for advanced ovarian cancer Bilyana Karafezieva (Bulgary)
18:12-18:19 Preliminary post marketing experience with the LEVALAP™ 1.0: success and complication rate of laparoscopic access Xavier Deffieux (France)
18:19-18:26 Robotic approach for the treatment of gynecological cancers recurrences: a ten-year single-institution experience Camilla Certelli (Italy)
18:26-18:30 Discussion
18:30-19:00 SERGS annual general assembly
20:30 Networking event
Saturday, June 8, 2024
8:20-9:00 Mindfullness session: Healthy mind, Healthy life Marcia Reyes Vázquez. Wellness Coach
9:00-11:00 YEARS session
9:00-9:05 YEARS President welcome:

Step into the future of surgery with 'Years'!

Sergi Fernandez (Spain)
9:05-9:17 ENYGO Past President talk:

An appropriate lymph node assessment

Nicoló Bizzarri (Italy)
9:17-10:00 Getting ready to be a robotic surgeon Chairs: Manou Kaur (UK), Dina El-Hamamsy (UK)
9:17-9:29 What I need to know before I start my training? Simone Bruni (Italy)
9:29-9:41 Are Human factors important in robotic surgery? Manou Kaur (UK)
9:41-9:53 How to be the best assistant Christina Uwins (UK)
9:53-10:00 Discussion
10:00-10:45 Tips & tricks for beginers Chairs: Manou Kaur (UK), Eleni Karatrasoglou (Greece)
10:00-10:12 Challenges of robotics in Urogynaecology Dina El-Hamamsy (UK)
10:12-10:24 How to deal with fibroids José Manuel Martínez (Spain)
10:24-10:36 Facilitating endometriosis surgery Andrea Panattoni (Italy)
10:36-10:45 Discussion
10:45-11:00 Research now & beyond Chairs: Anumithra Amirthanayagam (UK) Eleni Karatrasoglou (Greece)
10:45-11:00 Future perspectives on training Rod Menchaca (Spain)
11:00-11:15 Industry sponsored talk
11:15-12:15 Selected Video / Oral Communications 1 Chairs: Henrique Nabais (Portugal), Anna Torrent (Spain)
11:15-11:22 Video demonstration of robotic assisted mesh sacrocolpopexy for vaginal vault prolapse Shree Bharathi (India)
11:22-11:29 Gynecologic robotic surgery in young Japanese OB&GYN doctors -comparison of potential similarities between Japan and Europe Takashi Takeda (UK)
11:29-11:36 Robotic-Assisted Colpectomy Javier Calvo-Torres (Spain)
11:36-11:43 To define the surgical and patient-reported outcomes of robotic-assisted sacrocolpopexy using autologous rectus fascia graft (SCARF). Felix Chan (Australia)
11:43-11:50 Measuring the quality of surgical care and setting benchmarks for training using Intuitive data recorder technology (Mastery) in gynaecology Marielle Nobbenhuis (UK)
11:50-11:57 Robotic-assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery for Interval Debulking Surgery in Ovarian Cancer: a Multiquadrant approach Andrea Rosati (Italy)
11:57-12:04 Conventional laparoscopy vs robotic-assisted treatment for severe endometriosis – quality of life outcomes Nadejna Capatina (UK)
12:04-12:11 Salvage robotic anterior pelvic exenteration for cervical cancer: technique and feasibility Vandana Jain (India)
12:11-12:15 Discussion
12:15-13:15 Complications:  How to prevent complications and effectively resolve them Chairs: Rainer Kimmig (Germany), Javier De Santiago (Spain)
(Videos about complications: Explain how they were performed, what was wrong, how to avoid and how to solve them) Marc Barahona (Spain), Thomas Ind (UK)
13:15-13:45 Closing ceremony Vanna Zanagnolo / Pluvio Coronado / Vito Cela


opens in January 2025.


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